Our materials

We make a wide variety of products in our studio, but most of our work falls into one of three categories:

  • Ceramic
  • Batik
  • Recycled materials

Check out our Facebook page for loads of photos showing our different production processes!

Sculpting practice

Sculpting lesson.

Our mentor ceramics artist Komol Kongcharoen led the construction of a small gas kiln on Puzzlebox premises. All junior artists have training in bas-relief sculpting for making tiles, and some have learned high-relief and freestanding sculpture as well. We also make our own tile molds for designs that are requested more frequently. Ceramic pendants are cut from patterns and molds.

Pyae Phu Cho and Youne Nadi Thaw work on Burmese-script prayer flags.

Pyae Phu Cho and Youne Nadi Thaw work on Burmese-script prayer flags.

Our mentor painting artist Sein Sein Lin taught batik to the junior artists, who take this classic wax-resist drawing technique and apply it to modern designs. She is also the primary instructor for painting, encouraging the junior artists to create their own designs on ceramic pendants and other products.

Puzzlebox Art Studio upcycles materials found around Mae Sot into beautiful, useful products. We make drink coasters and paper beads out of old newspaper. Used bags of Thai tea mix are stitched into small pouches. One of our most popular products—a weighted paper mache owl doll called pyit tine htaung in Burmese—combines recycled newspaper with sculpting skills and creative painting. We even make our own packaging bags out of newspaper! Our cards and notebooks are also printed on recycled paper.

Pyit tine htaung

Nan Thin paints a pyit tine htaung.