Komol Kongcharoen

Mentor artist from founding until May 2013.

Komol is originally from Bangkok. During his studies in the Faculty of Fine Art at University of Chiang Mai, he moved to Chiang Mai. He held many different jobs, as a decorative painter for buildings, teaching different kind of art to children, youth and adults, making short portraits and selling them at the Sunday Walking Street market in Chiang Mai. “It was great to come in direct contact with all these different people and also be paid to do this job.”

His favorite kind of art is ceramics. It’s the process that Komol loves about ceramics, who believe it’s beautiful and close to nature. “You feel like you’re doing art with nature together.” Check out his incredible body of work on Facebook.

Komol has experience in teaching kids in art from the region’s Hill Tribes, which he found truly enriching. When he heard about the job opening from the Puzzlebox Art Studio, he didn’t hesitate to send his application to Mae Sot. “Teaching migrants from Burma in Basic Art and giving them skills that they can earn a living with sounded great. And it was a win-win situation for me, because I knew that I’d have support from a team of different artists and I can support myself.”

“The best part about my job here is the contact with apprentices. Working together with them to give them experience and skills that they can use for the future makes me really happy.”

Komol teaches Basic Art in the morning at the Puzzlebox Arts Studio to the apprentices and in the afternoon he designs different product orders for customer, like ceramic tiles, design for curtains and lights.

Komol guides the junior artists through the screenprinting process.


Komol working on personal projects in his spare time.