Sein Sein Lin

Mentor artist from founding until January 2014.

Sein Sein Lin started at a very early age by drawing on the walls of her room. She is an only child and supported in her work by both her parents.

“My parents were my first teachers, followed by books”.

From 1993 until 1998 Sein Sein Lin attended the University of Culture in Rangoon. After she got her BA she worked for many magazines, writing articles and making illustrations with her brushes. In Rangoon she has shown her art work at many group exhibitions. After arriving in Mae Sot, Sein Sein Lin worked as Borderline’s gallery curator..

“I have many hobbies, like reading, writing, poetry, music, and they all influence my paintings,” said Sein Sein Lin.

One of her dreams is to be so successful that she can obtain the art works of other artists. Another dream is to share her knowledge of art with the younger generations. Sein Sein Lin is working hard to make her dreams come true.

She believes in “Art for Escape”.

Sein Sein Lin supervises as the junior artists paint silk scarves.

Sein Sein Lin draws the Umphiem Camp design, later turned into our popular print.