Staff artists & apprentices

Pyae Phu Cho shows a knotting technique to Youne Nadi Thaw and Jaw Saye.

Puzzlebox is staffed through the Transitions Program of Youth Connect. After completing the in-school program and intensive training, apprentices come to Puzzlebox for 10 weeks to learn about art and help make handicrafts. Our first apprentices in 2011 had very little experience with art. They persevered through Komol and Sein Sein Lin’s training each morning, and helped make decorations for Picturebook Guesthouse each afternoon. Now they create beautiful handicrafts every day.

Artist Nay Chi Lin teaches apprentices Saw Pi and Htay San how to properly wedge clay before using.

Beginning in November 2012, two of our relatively senior artists have grown into capable teachers, through the Kick-Start ART children’s art program. In January 2013, one of our earliest apprentices returned to us to learn how to manage the kiln—an important task in running the studio without the mentor artists. We reconnected with a talented young artist with computer skills—one of the first Youth Connect trainees in 2008—and put him to the tasks of quality control and accounting.

Two new apprentices also arrived in January, showing a great deal of potential and enthusiasm for art. Puzzlebox is entering its third year, and continues growing and developing every day!