The rest of the team!

Nancy Chuang is an experienced fashion and graphic designer from New York. Her main artistic pursuit is traditional film photography, but she loves the opportunity to use the pottery wheel at Puzzlebox as well. Nancy has lived in Mae Sot since 2010, previously working as a design consultant for Borderline Collective, and joined Puzzlebox in May 2012 as managing designer. Check out her photography portfolio.

Jasmine Spalt from Liechtenstein helped get Puzzlebox off the ground from the early days. A teacher in Switzerland and a trainer with Youth Connect, she was well-suited to turning three disparate artists into a team of beloved mentors for the junior staff. As studio manager, she worked long hours and many months with the team to complete the decor for Picturebook Guesthouse, and put on the very first Puzzlebox Art Show in April 2012. After three years in Mae Sot, Jasmine returned to Switzerland in August 2012 and is greatly missed by the whole Youth Connect family.

Mike Schultz was one of those original three mentor artists, giving a Western perspective to his Thai and Burmese partners. Mike is an exceptional painter from Ithaca, New York who led the design of Picturebook Guesthouse while living in Mae Sot from 2010-2011. Together with Sein Sein Lin and Komol Kongcharoen, Mike gave the junior artists fundamental art lessons in the mornings, and in the afternoons taught them to work on Picturebook designs. Mike’s beautiful work can be seen here.

Patrick Kearns was the founder and director of Youth Connect, currently heading World Education Thailand. Patrick is from the US but has lived in Mae Sot since 2001, establishing and leading several different programs that educate and train hundreds of Burmese migrant youth. Patrick brings his innate artistic sensibilities and thoughtful suggestions to all aspects of Picturebook Guesthouse’s design; to the clean, simple lines of Ironwood Studio’s reclaimed wood furniture; and to Puzzlebox Art Studio’s quirky handicrafts.