Art training

Are YOU an artist? Do you have a unique skill you’d like to share with our talented young staff? Interested in visiting beautiful Thailand and learning more about the border situation?

Our junior artists receive a wonderful education at Puzzlebox, but the types of art they can practice are limited to what the mentor artists and manager can teach them. When confronted with different, somewhat unattainable techniques—like kiln-forming glass, spray-painted street art, photography—they devour this new knowledge. Exposure to other artists and artworks, even in a gallery setting vs. a classroom setting, does so much for their growth.

Our junior artists took a photo training course with Nat and Susan Tileston of My Story Photo Project, held at Picturebook Guesthouse.

An actual interactive training isn’t required—a simple slideshow showcasing your work, and the willingness to answer questions about new techniques, would be greatly appreciated.

Get in touch, and tell us what you’d like to show us. If you think there’s a potential exchange of knowledge here, let us know what you want to learn from us!

Contact us at or just stop by if you’re in Mae Sot!