Why donate?

As a social enterprise benefiting Burmese migrant youth in Mae Sot, Puzzlebox Art Studio strives to be self-sustaining through sales of products, but also places a priority on training current and future staff.  Art training emphasizes a respect for method as well as creativity, with the end result being beautiful, unusual handicrafts. Job training deals with professionalism, job responsibility, and language skills, improving the staff artists’ prospects whether they wish to maintain a career in art or not.

So if you aren’t able to shop with us right now, we’d greatly appreciate your donations for the following reasons:

  • We pay our staff artists consistent fair salaries, with no change during the slow sales months.
  • We need to increase production capacity in order to stay sustainable. But we need more money in our savings before we can offer more jobs.
  • We provide discounted art courses to the Burmese community upon request. Donations make this possible, since full-price courses are an important part of our income.

We’ve been increasing our number of retail outlets since 2013, and are hoping to push our web sales higher throughout 2015. But we’re in great need of more staff to keep the business growing! Naturally, we need more money to pay these talented artists at fair wages, and your donations are greatly appreciated. Thank you for your support.

Approximate conversions used

If you already have a Paypal account and want to give a different amount, you can also donate directly to puzzleboxstudio@gmail.com. Please write a note to explain this is a donation.