Goodbye, hello

It’s been a month of creative, custom artmaking at Puzzlebox! We can’t always guarantee we have enough time for custom work, but we love to try it whenever we can.


Sell Khu Paw works on a custom design

One customer ordered individual works from each staff artist, abstract line drawings of their own designs; one customer wanted a watercolor painting as a wedding gift, based on the couple’s favorite movie; and one customer requested a large silk batik painting using our lotus design in beautiful, reworked colors–a team effort. It’s been a challenging but fun break from making our own handicrafts.


The whole staff works on a custom batik wall hanging.



Mike Schultz returns to teach at Puzzlebox.

This month we bid a sorrowful farewell to longtime art teacher Sein Sein Lin. Sein Sein Lin, who taught the junior artists from the very beginning fundamentals through their more advanced levels, patiently answering technique questions until the end of her term. Sein Sein Lin has moved on to an exciting job in Mawlamyine with NGO Point B Design + Training.

At the same time, we welcomed back former art teacher Mike Schultz. For the next few months, Mike will be volunteering to re-affirm and build upon the staff’s artistic skills. We’re looking forward to watching their continued growth!

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