Sein Sein Lin’s visit

On April 22nd and 23rd, our wonderful art teacher Sein Sein Lin came back from Mawlamyine for a visit. Sein Sein Lin had taught at Puzzlebox since the beginning in March 2011, finally saying a sad goodbye in January 2014. Everyone at the studio has missed her so much.

treebatik1 Day 1 was spent reviewing a batik design for which we currently have orders–a beautiful tree scarf that she originally designed for one of her solo exhibitions at Borderline. The staff had been having difficulty getting the design and colors just right, so it was great timing that Sein Sein Lin was available just after the Songkran/Thingyan holiday.

yethwedrawingSome of the day was also spent reviewing drawing technique. John Khai, Sell Khu Paw and Ye Thwe all had orders for custom line drawings, and they all checked in with Sein Sein Lin for critiques on composition and style.

watercolorpaintingDay 2 was a watercolor painting day. Everyone went back to the basics to practice their technique on landscapes and portraits from life. The idea was that they would be able to use this foundation for making contemporary-style watercolors in the future.

More photos here.

We’re hoping to have Sayama Sein Sein Lin back again soon!

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