The batik course can be completed in one or two days. Mentor artist Sein Sein Lin started this course in 2011, and several artists since her have learned to teach. We try to hold this class once per month. Check our Facebook page for updates, or send inquiries to

Teacher Sein Sein Lin helps a student finish her design.

Through this course you will learn the technique of wax resist, Come with a design in mind, or drop by during the week to chat with one of our artists about the feasibility of your design first. After carefully drawing your design on fabric, you will make outlines in hot wax using a traditional copper pen (canting).

Courses are held on Sundays from 9AM – 5PM, and dates are always announced on our Facebook page. The optional second day of the course is when we fix the color with sodium silicate in the morning, and boil out the wax in the afternoon. Please inform us if you would like to see this process and we can arrange a time.


Base price is 900 baht. Additional fees for products made:
– napkin (50 baht, .5 x .5m)
– tablecloth (200 baht, 1m x 1m)
– scarf (200 baht, .5m x 1m)
– longyi (300, 1m x 1.7m).

The longyi—a Burmese sarong— is the perfect size to be tailored into other clothing after painting.