In general, drawing & painting classes for adults have been one-on-one, while children’s classes tend to be in groups. There is no price discount for having a group of more students.

Mentor artist Komol teaches watercolor painting to a student.

Drawing & painting workshops can be taught by either mentor artist, Komol or Sein Sein Lin. To learn from Komol, students much understand Thai language. Sein Sein Lin is able to teach in either Burmese or English.

Group of three children learning from mentor artist Sein Sein Lin on a weekday.


- Adult courses held on Saturday mornings, during the coffee morning open house. Pay as you go, 250 baht per three-hour session (private or small group).

- Children’s group courses are 80 baht per child on Saturday mornings (minimum 4 students), or 200 baht per child on weekdays (no minimum).